Come to Attention, Do An About-Face and Charge!

Leon Walters heard a word from the Lord which has to do with military terms such as coming to attention, about-face, and more. He did some research on these military terms and shares how he believes this is for preparation for new battle plans to outsmart our enemies.


I hear Father saying, “I am calling My Church—My armies —to attention. I am going to give a pre-examination to My armies in preparation for the battles and tasks that I will assign to you this year. Gideon experienced a reduction. He did not just abandon people but called a select number who knew how to stand at attention and were ready to go to war. “There is a shout from the Heavens, “About-face!” God is calling His armies to prepare for war and to face their enemies, whether great or small. This will require you to have a change of attitude. It requires you to bring your behaviors into order and to shift your point of view, with full attention to the new orders and commands from God’s throne. It requires you to fulfill His purposes on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Source: Come to Attention, Do An About-Face and Charge! | The Elijah List



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