The Camels Are Coming! Great Is Your Reward!

On July 7, 2019, Christianna Schreifels woke up from a dream and then heard the Lord’s audible voice telling her the camels were coming and said that the reward would be great. She shares what the dream means but also includes how it ties in with the new Hebrew year 5780, and what she learned of its meaning.

Christianna Schreifels prophetic dreams provision reward 5780


While in prayer regarding this dream, I heard the Lord saying, “My people, you have lived long in the desert. I have seen your cities in ruins and heard your cries and received your worship. I have sent My camels to deliver to you all that I have promised. With this supply you will not lack to re-build the desolate places, to repair the breach within your city walls. And as you obey what I say to do, I will bless the works of your hands. I am delivering you who put your trust in Me, while suffering in obscurity and uncertainty.”

Precious saints, we are going to see restoration of many dreams the Lord gave us.

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