Choose Intimacy Over Bitterness

Dawn Hill shares what she said is not considered a “flashy message” yet it is a good reminder and is wisdom for Christian living. She covers how we should not be intimate with unforgiveness, and that the answer comes from His Word and Spirit.


I know that this is not a flashy message, but it is a prophetic word for the Body of Christ at large. This is part of the Good News. Jesus has given us a new covenant and part of the covenant calls us higher into His ways. Intimacy is the high call and in order to demonstrate true and pure intimacy with Him, we live out what we have heard in the secret place. Are you hearing retribution in the secret place? Are you hearing retaliation in the secret place? In all humility, I pose this statement: Things like this are not found in the secret place but in the secret places of our hearts where the light of Christ is to illuminate and push back darkness so that healing can come.

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Source: Choose Intimacy Over Bitterness | The Elijah List

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