Checking in on the Periscopians!

Hello everyone, I’m here with my wife. She was just getting to retire but we haven’t done our Persicopian update in a longtime. Although I have been doing some prayer stuff on the nemesis  of Periscope, Facebook. What is the Lord telling you Annabelle? Hang in there, stick with it and SUDDENLY everything starts to line up!
You really shouldn’t end your day with Hannity and Tucker Carlson! There’s so many things happening. Honduras recently announced they’re moving their embassy to Jerusalem and also Romania.  And then I was reading something  recently from Rick Reddick in Israel, he’s an intercessor, where he talks about a 3D Chess game he saw in a dream that deals with nations turning towards Israel.

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  1. Sandy Hickman-Holliday

    I’ve heard you talk about periscopians some many times. However I have no clue what they are? This is my first time at your web cite, but I devour your videos on YT. I have just come from listening to our beloved President Trump’s speech he made instead of the stupid correspondents dinner. It was so great. I wish he’d send some of those jobs to Red Bluff, CA. Anyway GOD BLESS you and yours♥

    • Periscopians are those who listen to Lance on an app called, Periscope.. Its where he began broadcasting initially in November 2015! We upload the video from it to YouTube and also here to this site 24-48 hours after a broadcast.

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