Characteristics of the Emerging Elijah Company

In this article, Jesse Shamp shares about a dream he had recently regarding an emerging generation. Prior to the dream while he was praying, he asked the Lord what is on His heart in this time as well as what He was asking of Shamp.



We have seen great ministries and great miracle workers in the past and in the present, but what would it look like to see a generation of people moving in the power of God like none other?

Some may say this generation is too backslidden—too far gone. Let me encourage you not to simply look at this generation with the natural eye. God’s vision is always so much greater, much more far-reaching than our own. We serve a miraculous God! His eye is upon this generation, just as His eye is upon the sparrow (Matthew 10:29-31). The sparrow may seem insignificant to some, but not to the Father!

We have seen many prophets and miracle workers “graduate on” to be with the Lord. When generals graduate on, God longs to raise up fresh voices and mantles to carry on the work of the Kingdom.

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Source: Characteristics of the Emerging Elijah Company | The Elijah List

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