California, God Is Raising Up In You Oaks Of Righteousness!

Christianna Schreifels shares a powerful word regarding a series of dreams of California and how God is showing He is moving there. Her dreams include amazing imagery of the blood of Jesus saturating the state and how He has planted oaks of righteousness there.


As soon as the red seeped into the ground, the light was covered by the soil. In just moments, I saw root systems grow quickly from the light seed. I saw little trees growing up fast everywhere, in various sizes, too. These nascent trees grew rapidly. They grew into oak trees, large and strong.

I heard the Holy Spirit say, “My oaks of righteousness are rising in the land.”

There were hundreds of thousands of these “oaks of righteousness,” if not millions. I could not count as I was taken up higher to see the whole state of California from above. I could not count them. I also saw parts of the land in California where no trees grew but the land was still covered by the red. The last thing I saw was when the ground trembled at times, pieces of soil would leap, but the trees remained unmoved in the ground.

In this dream, I sensed so much joy, and purpose. There was no fear throughout the land for the oaks. I woke up and began to write what I heard the Holy Spirit impress upon my spirit regarding my dream:

We’ve entered a time period where our faith has been strengthened as it has withstood many seasons and shakings. We will grow to our capacity. We have been placed strategically throughout the land.

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Source: California, God is Raising Up in You Oaks of Righteousness! | The Elijah List

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