Find out what is happening behind the scene and pray the prophetic prayers that make a difference.

Why are rulers raging right now? Why is the moment urgent? Franklin Graham called for prayer and we have over 2000 that locked shields together in a “live” prayer call. We need you in this battle. Join in!

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  1. Craig Root

    Thank you for leading this charge. God’s Grace continue to be on you and our Nation’s leaders who HE has set in place to move us back to One Nation Under the only God, our Father.

    • Cappie Stuff

      Gods people must purchase these Media outlets..CNN Ect Begin to pray that Gods people will pray for control of these outlets.

  2. Grace

    Body of Christ be made available for our Lord to move through powers He placed for God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. To President Trump thus says the Lord in Psalms 68 …Your God has commanded your strength; strengthen, O God, that which You have done for us. Because of Your temple at Jerusalem, kings will bring a gift to You.

  3. carrie

    Roseanne Barr is a good comedian Has cleaned ever act. There somebody you could . Keep up the good work I’ll be praying for you

  4. Lynn McLaughlin

    I loved this time of prayer!
    I want you to make sure I’m on your list when you have another time of prayer for our President

  5. Rickey Booher

    We prayed at Free Chapel with Jentezen Franklin on thatSunday. How our pray carried the message of God’s will be done not what we the people think we need but what God wants it t be. And to move Trump in that will. With that the Lord will do what is needed to to protect Trump and expose and unveil the spirit that is trying to take down the nation and Trump. Thus those that support that spirit will be exposed with it and be brought low

  6. Catherine Milne

    THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME PRAYER TIME!!!! I am passing it on to all my prayer warrior friends and pc Pastor as well. I praise God that He has called you to be that Prophet for Government and the 7 Mts. I bless you and your family and staff with the blood covering, peace, joy, and prosperity in every area, in Jesus Name.

  7. Rickey Booher

    We had to do the work with one hand on the sword which is the word of God, and the other to do the works to surround this nation in alginment with the will of God like in Nehemiah. Lord send you angels to stand in and fight where we are weak to take this nation back so we can serve you Father, each other and others of faith throughout the world. May this nation bless those that stand with us in prayer for the return of you spirit in the hearts of the people of this nation, as we come back in alginment with you will. Strengthen those that are weak and encourage them to be strong and bold. I pray for people of postion like lance wallnau and franklin graham to call us to prayer in unity to inspire and encourage the believers and open the eyes of the non believers to become believers. Lord open the hearts of the pastors of this land to take a stand and not be like the Laodiceans and stand on the fence. May they be either hot or cold but never lukewarm thus the enemy will truly be known by the stand they take. Their silence of the lukewarm will be equally impact by which direction it goes and one direction wants nothing more than to remove the conciousness of God from this nation; the other desires revival with dreams and visions of God’s will and to seek confidently and boldly the presence of God in this nation. Therefore each will have to choose which side they are on and any in the middle will be counted as against the will of God. Thus their course will be chosen against themselves. For either you are for God or against they is no gray area and if you are not for God then you stand against Him therefore all will know which side they are on. The word is clear on this matter. So be strong and of good Courage be not afraid or dismayed to stand on the side of the Lord for you trust and faithfulness shall not go unrewarded but be truly blessed and those that wont will have to content with the wrath of God and be exposed and removed from postion of authority and the consequences fall where they may. Forgive them Father for they fail to understand You and the will You had for those that remain faithful. Lord protect the bold in faith strenghten them because the enemy will attempt to attack them but send forth the Angel’s neccessary to hold back the adversaries and destroy their evil work and plans foil them at every turn.

  8. M Tavares

    Dear Bro Lance I am not american nor living there. I live in between Mozambique, where I was born of colonial Europeans, (am missionary) & SA, where I lived 50+ yrs , where I found Christ (1968) & raised family & love SA. All this to say, around March while in Moz, I got word of knowledge w a clear date 1775. I googled date & saw rebellion of Continental army & patriots against British . Two days later I got Saratoga., & verified town in New York. . I realized Lord was getting me to intercede for America which I love too, & realise Pres DT comes from NY, & somehow these two events related to him. This happened shortly after NY new abortion law, so, my understanding, & I wrote to ACLJ Mr Sekulow, to relate this & my conclusions. & sent it to Jennifer Leclaire recently for “testing”, but had no feedback from anyone. Here is my understanding, & I submit it to you. There was a patriot revolution, tackling the “establishment existing rule/swamp, but victory would come, as the abortion law in NY is overturned , bcause of territorial authority of Pres over NY , which led pack of a bigger breach on abortion, with even wider freedoms to legislate more extremely. Therefore, important key is for NY, to become subject to Pres DT. I could interpret as winning that state (?) . I am not sufficiently clued up, except what I got by the HS, but daily listen to YouTube to stay abreast of facts. But you are a prophetic voice, and move among many prophets, therefore I submit it to you , & welcome feedback, as am supporting America kingdom cause, & don’t want to assume any, nor go off at some tangent in prayer . Thank you for your posts. God bless

  9. Patty Morris

    Amen and amen! Thank you, Lance. May God continue to use you in this powerful way. We pray you and your family to be blessed and protected from the enemy. May fresh anointing and joy which you have prayed for, come back to you. We love you and thank God for you

  10. Jim Jinks

    The Lord had me do battle with the spirit of leviatan back in 1988 when I was told that he was standing between me and the ability to hear the Lord’s Vvoice. The Holy Spirit led me to read all that was in the Word regarding Leviathan and after learning that the only way to defeat him was given in His Word. The Holy Spirit then led me to speak into the Spiritual realm commanding in the name of the Lord for God’s mighty warring Angels to take up His fierce and great and mighty sword and crush the heads of Leviathan After doing this the path was cleared. The Lord has now told me to do the same for President Trump and all who support him and his Presidency.

  11. Sandra Hicks

    Thank you for directing such powerful prayers for our President and all his helping supporters. Thank you for the prayers of salvation and clarity for those who are not. Thank you for the powerful guidance through scriptures so I can pray with understanding. I declare that you, your loved ones and our President with his family and supporters will all be under the protection and peace of our Lord. May His face continually shine upon you!

  12. Allen Hager

    Great time of prayer; thank you Lance for your open heart to hear the voice of The Lord and for having the courage to not only proclaim it but to inspire and challenge the Church to rise up and be all that Jesus has ordained for her to be. AWAKEN, Church ! You are the precious bride of Christ….. this is your opportunity to shine and be the light in the darkness that so many have prayed, hoped and even died for.

  13. Zelma Dodd

    Praying for our President that God’s protection would be over him. Praying that the warring angels would would concentrate over DC and war against the spirit of Jezebel and Ahab that rules in our congress would be taken down and that God will is done. Praying that the national news media will be overturned and the people will be replaced by those that serve the Lord.

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