Breaking Prophetic News (Part 2): Wrong Way Jonah, Mercy, & Donald Trump

Part 2 of the breaking prophetic news – I’ve got this children’s book called ‘Wrong Way Jonah’ and Jonah realizes that God could have let him die inside that big fish, but Jonah is thankful that God is merciful. Mercy means not giving someone the punishment they deserve. My friend Dutch Sheets said he saw mercy as a currency, and in 2016 God gave America mercy with Donald Trump.

Although I shared with you before the incredible work by the prophet Kim Clement, who said even before Donald Trump emerged that the Lord was dissatisfied with both parties. But Trump wasn’t what either party wanted – God gave us a populist and now there are more conservatives, more Christians, more prayer, more Bible studies going on in the White house than ever before! Finally, my friend David Nolan has discovered a game changer in killing this demonic virus! Wait till you see!!!

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  1. The credentials of those The Lord is raising up to build and plant to replace devastation is 2 Corinthians 3. These are Holy authentic and authorized credentials that removes the veil of blindness that keeps people captive to lies and deception and unleashes the Glory of The Lord to transfer His Image from glory to glory to glory by The Spirit of The Lord.

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