Border Patrol Chief: Family Separations Began Long Before Trump | The Hill

The Hill: Carla Provost who is the newly appointed Customs and Border Protection chief shared in an interview with Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton how children separated from parents is not new and did not begin with the current administration. In fact, she said that it had been an ongoing practice for the entire duration that she has worked which encompasses four administrations.

Excerpt from The Hill:

Provost said on Thursday that there was never a family separations “initiative,” but rather a prosecution initiative under the zero-tolerance policy.
“Let me be clear, there was never a family separation initiative, there was a prosecution initiative under zero tolerance,” she said. “Under that initiative when we first kicked that off, the intent was to prosecute all amenable adults, so there was no group that was excluded from that.”
“I can tell you that during the 45 days family groups were included in there, about 85 percent of who we prosecuted were single adults. We’ve separated families throughout my entire career for various things,” she added.

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