Spitballs At A Battleship

Mario Murillo draws quite the comparison of witches casting spells to curse President Trump as to throwing spitballs at a battleship! Murillo makes these points and more, including how these leftist witches trying to use the powers of darkness is the epitome of futility.

Mario Murillo compares witches casting spells at President Trump to throwing spitballs at a battleship


Witchcraft is based on a big fat lie. At this time of year Hollywood uses Halloween films to sell this big fat lie. It goes like this…supposedly God and the devil are locked in a mortal battle for control of the universe.  Satan is portrayed as a worthy opponent for God. In Theology, this heresy is called Dualism. In some of these horror films, God can’t even hold His own against those possessed by devils!

In The Exorcist, a priest is helpless before the power of a demonized girl. Satan is portrayed as cunning and irresistible in The Devil’s Advocate.  In The Exorcism of Emily Rose, God is so limited He is forced to leave a girl demon possessed in order to help prove He exists!

The Bible obliterates these lies. Oh, how the Devil hates the Bible, because the Holy Scriptures show Satan for the conquered and defeated being that he is.

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