Why Discerning The Times And Seasons Is Important

Nathan Shaw shares his prophetic insights regarding the times and seasons we are in. He talks about the correlation between seasons in the natural that come and go. With the leaves now turning color, we have a visual indication that we have entered the fall season. In the same way, there are signs that reveal the spiritual and prophetic season at hand.

Shaw states that God’s prophetic time clock is ticking and how nations are becoming aligned for both His and their purposes. When a prophecy is given over individuals, churches, cities, or nations, it is essential to understand the season each is in. Not only that, but one also needs to realize that releasing prophetic words –without correctly discerning the season– can cause harm. While it’s easy to assume others are in the same season we are in, making this presumption can result in giving a wrong word; or a correct one, but with the wrong emphasis.

Nathan Shaw prophetic times and seasons


The Elijah List’s post of Shaw’s word includes stating that God is prophetic. He is a forward-thinking God. Each season prepares us for the next one. Provision for present situations is given in previous seasons. This was true of Israel as they possessed the Promised Land. There were three stages to Israel’s journey:

1. The deliverance from Egypt.

2. The journey through the wilderness.

3. The possession of the Promised Land.

Two generations of Israelites were given the opportunity to conquer and possess the Promised Land. Everything the Israelites needed to conquer the Promised Land was given to them during the wilderness season. In the wilderness, they encountered God and learned His ways.

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