It will not succeed.

POINT ONE: Impeachment proceedings are so PAINFUL to look at. BUT I am encouraged by this Word…

You and I are watching this Bible verse in action “deceived and being deceived.” Notice how people who sell a lie start to believe the lie! All the Democrats started off their resistance knowing this was political theater… but something happened.

As they yielded to a spirit of HATE they came under DELUSION and now believe a LIE. It wouldn’t surprise me that all the witchcraft curses put on Trump boomeranged onto his enemies. Hence, the irrational state of mind.

The President is uncannily prophetic in this regard. He now repeatedly questions their sanity and says they have lost their minds because of hate. I think he’s right.

POINT TWO: (Now from here on this is me…not the Lord. Point one is the Lord.)


Your job and my job is to bless and not curse. I can’t agree with their agenda but I can help make the proceedings more enjoyable to watch. This will help ratings also. If they insist on putting on a show I think they owe us more entertainment value. Those lawyers were painful to watch. That oddball legal scholar lady didn’t help, (she reminded me of my fourth grade math teacher). She’s the one attempting to make fun of Barron Trump’s name. In the end I sat thru two liberal professors who sounded smug, condescending and elitist.

Reminded me of what William F. Buckley meant when he said, “I would rather be governed by the first 600 names in the Boston phone book than the Harvard Law faculty.”

BUT AGAIN, I REFUSE TO BE NEGATIVE. I’M going to make a decision to enjoy the impeachment show, and suggest you do too. They’ll be happy and we’ll be happy if they would simply modify a few things…

1. Some of the testimonies should be delivered with piano accompaniment. In the background of course.

2. Or maybe they can sing their testimony and play a guitar? They get an extra 5 minutes if they can sing their speech.

3. How about some stand up comedy? I see a guy popping out from behind the curtains and delivering some punchy one liners. And to add some diversity, get an activist to do a brief ditty on the Trans from Transylvania. Which leads to…

4. They need a five-piece Congressional band. Like Paul Shaffer did for Letterman. Conan’s band is also hip. I’d go in that direction.

5. And Nancy Pelosi, that girl looks like she’s holding back on some sort of High School talent she’s not telling us about, like baton twirling. I’d like to see her recite the charges of impeachment while doing a baton twirl. How about flaming batons? Wow. Now that’s something we would all enjoy watching!

6. In fact, I’d pay money to see some Dancing With The Stars stuff here. I want to see Pelosi and Adam Schiff do the Hokey Pokey–but they won’t ever turn themselves around–and that’s what it’s all about.

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