What The Liverpool Ban Of Franklin Graham Is Really About

Mario Murillo addresses the recent banning of Franklin Graham’s meetings in “Leftist Liverpool.” He calls the lies grandstanding, states his belief that the banning will backfire in Biblical proportions, and more.

Mario Murillo addresses the banning of Franklin Graham's meetings in Liverpool, & what it really is about. He calls the lies grandstanding, & will backfire in Biblical proportions


I believe most fair minded people can plainly see that the parties responsible for the ban in Liverpool are lying. They claim that Franklin Graham preaches hate. That is an absolute lie.  Are they trying to associate preaching the Bible with hate?  Are they trying to lump Graham in with bigots like the Westboro Baptist crowd, Christian in name only, and who really do preach hate?

The second lie, is that they are banning Franklin Graham because they “are against hate.” This is important because as I said, I believe they are trying to link Graham with extremists. By that metric, they should also be banning Islamic events, linking them to extremist nations where Gays are thrown off of buildings in the name of Islam. But these Liverpool leaders would never do that. I will deal with that double standard later in this blog.

This grandstanding has zero to do with hate, intolerance, or inclusion. Most of all, it has nothing to do with the safety of the LGBTQ community.  There is no evidence of any kind that Franklin’s preaching has ever incited violence anywhere. That’s because his message condemns violence. The fact is that it has the total opposite effect, because it is a message which values all human life as priceless—something so precious, that it was why Jesus gave His life.

Ask yourself this: Franklin often preaches in the conservative south—a place that ignorant people love to label as intolerant—yet there has never been any violence when Graham has preached there.  How much less would it be likely to occur in uber—leftist Liverpool? I mean, come on.

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