New Quinnipiac Poll Shows Support for President Trump Rising

Several polls, including one from Quinnipiac, that have come out in recent days, are showing what the Democrat leadership is ignoring–more and more Americans are against the impeachment of President Trump and support him despite the Dems push forward on the Articles of Impeachment.

On 12/5, President Trump’s campaign manager Brad Pascale posted data on Twitter regarding Rep. Kendra Horn in Oklahoma:


Firehouse Strategies, a Republican firm, and data company Optimus, polled three of the battleground states, conducted 12/3 through 12/5, and released on 12/8. In Michigan, President Trump is polling ahead of Biden by five percentage points, Sanders by six points, Warren by nine points, Buttigieg by eleven points, and Bloomberg by eleven points. In Pennsylvania, Trump continues to do well against the competition with the president leading Biden by four percentage points, Warren by seven points, Sanders by eleven points, Buttigieg by six points, and Bloomberg by four points. In Wisconsin, which is President Trump’s best state in this round of battleground polling against almost each of his Democratic challengers, he held a double-digit lead.

As of 12/10, the Rasmussen Report posted, “Three recent polls — Emerson, Marist and Rasmussen — show the president at 30 percent approval or higher among black voters.”

On 12/11/19, the results of a new Quinnipiac poll were released after House Democrats said two articles of impeachment were drafted against Trump. Why does this matter? It matters because the Q-poll is usually very “left friendly.” 

Fifty-one percent shows against impeachment. According to the Q-poll, Trump’s approval numbers have not moved. They’re still at 40/57. That means even the people who don’t like the job he’s doing aren’t sold on impeachment. If all of that wasn’t bad enough for the Dems, data shows the digits are trending downward.

Polls, including one from Quinnipiac, are showing more Americans against the impeachment of President Trump & support him despite the move forward of the Articles of Impeachment by Democrat leadership

That’s a 5 or 6 point swing against impeachment in just two months–in a poll that usually favors Democrats and their causes.

True to form, however, Democrat leadership doesn’t seem to care about the polls. According to CNN, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was quoted saying she’d have no regrets if exit polls showed in 2020 that pursuing impeachment helped reelect President Trump: “This isn’t about politics at all. This is about patriotism… honoring our oath of office.”  



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