Prayer Directives 12/9/19


  • President Trump – As the impeachment circus by the Left continues and certain Democrat leaders air their stalwart beliefs that they are doing the “right thing,” do not allow the enemy to take any foothold, or make agreements with the enemy regarding the outcome. Stand firm praying for President Trump. Continue to decree that the Lord reveals the enemy’s plans, that an awakening amongst the sleeping believers, and those whose minds have been under the veil of the enemy’s lies, be set free and fully awakened to the truth. Continue to pray for strength of mind, body and spirit for President Trump.
  • Betsy DeVoss Secretary of Education’s Proposal to Overhaul Federal Student Aid System – According to The Epoch Times, “Education Secretary Betsy DeVos unveiled her vision for the future of federal government’s student lending programs, proposing to make the Federal Student Aid (FSA) office into a bank-like agency independent of her department. The proposal, although far from detailed, would allow the overhauled student loan bureaucracy to make its own rules for repayment plans and forgiveness options without having to answer to Congress, so that it could truly focuses on providing students with better services. Making such sweeping reforms to a federal bureaucracy would ultimately require the approval of an increasingly partisan Congress, which is trying to move forward an impeachment process against DeVos’ boss.” Pray for wisdom over this proposal and for those to come alongside DeVoss to move this proposal forward. Also pray for the right solutions and strategies for the implementation.
  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – A new HHS rules to overturn last-minute Obama rules needs prayer and action from God’s people. The new rules force doctors and other medical personnel to conduct medical procedures against their religious convictions. According to an article from the Washington Times: “Three different federal judges recently blocked the Trump administration from implementing a regulation that would give the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) additional resources to enforce more than two dozen laws related to conscience rights. The regulation had been scheduled to go into effect Nov. 22. A plain reading of the regulation itself—or, if you’re short on time, the HHS fact sheet or press release about the rule—makes clear that federal laws protecting the rights of conscience are nothing new.” Pray that the Lord will intervene and for these judges to have a change of heart.

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