Pray For Rush Limbaugh

CAST DOWN BUT NOT DESTROYED – As Bernie and Biden wrestle it out, the Babe Ruth of broadcasting wrestles in another arena.

For the last 3 years I have been saying Rush Limbaugh is nothing less than a secular Prophet. Like a light in a dark place, he guided many of us who are a new generation of Christians getting oriented to culture wars 2.0 Rush revealed how the media and political spheres really operate and 25 million listeners attended his daily 3 hour class. Two men alone shifted our national trajectory since 2015 – Rush in media and Donald Trump in government. They became a dynamic tag team in the nation’s battle. I can’t imagine the rest of 2020 without Rush and pray in this broadcast from that perspective.

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  1. Leslie Vail

    Will you pray with believers taking authority over the Novel Corona virus? We have been given authority.
    I am praying, “ENOUGH”! over the world. The numbers of infected snd dead have GOT to decline. Thanks

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