President Trump, Pelosi’s Impeachment Push, And Claims of ‘Political Setup’

Nancy Pelosi impeachment push interview

Fox Reporter, Tammy Bruce shared concerns raised by House Republican, Liz Cheney, that suggested that Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment push was a “political setup” of President Trump.

This was based on the interview that Pelosi gave Sunday night on CBS News’ 60 minutes to attempt to justify her announcement of the “official” impeachment inquiry into Trump. She told CBS interviewer, Scott Pelley, that President Trump had called her to discuss the now-infamous call with the Ukrainian President before the official transcript of the call was released by the White House.

“He told me it was perfect. There was nothing in the call. But I knew what was in the call. I mean, it was in the public domain,” said Pelosi.

Except it wasn’t in the public domain at all. At that time the call was still classified but the transcript was later released by the White House. House Republican Conference chair, Liz Cheney, raised this the following day, claiming that Pelosi’s answer suggested she had been forewarned of the contents.

Cheney tweeted, “Speaker Pelosi said on 60 Minutes last night she knew the details of the classified Ukraine call before White House released transcript. This is starting to seem like a political set up. So, Madame Speaker, ‘what did you know and when did you know it?'”

Fox’s Tammy Bruce agreed completely, stating that the “so-called Ukraine scandal and then, of course, the lead-up to impeachment, but here’s what really matters… once again, a collective group of individuals, who do not like the president, have been setting him up.”

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