Obadiah Prophets, You Are Coming Out Of Your Caves!

Ella Onakoya describes a recent and vivid dream where she saw several believers being translated from different nations. She connects the meaning of the dream to the prophet Obadiah coming out of the cave, while also drawing a parallel to the current situation with Kanye West.

Ella Onakoya has a vivid dream draws parallel to prophet Obadiah coming out of the cave and to Kanye West



Earlier this year, when I read about Kanye West’s Sunday services, I initially felt wary and unsure concerning his motives for starting the service. I knew about his unsaved past, and at that time he had not yet declared he was saved, yet many in Hollywood and others were attending his services. The Lord spoke to me to pray and watch what he would do. He said that regardless of the motives of starting the services, if we prayed, it would be His will to release a move of His Spirit, causing Kanye West and others to encounter Him

I have read testimonies on YouTube of those who had decided to give their lives to Christ as they listened to his music, whilst others who have been suicidal are being filled with a new joy and hope. This is a clear mark of those who are part of these Obadiah prophets. Their conversion will release a new wave of hope, salvation and the truth of who God is throughout the earth.

I believe we are to watch and pray for these prophets as we rejoice at what the Lord is doing in them. I believe many more will come out from within the ‘Hollywood enclave’ to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray for many more salvations like these.

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