Mario Murillo’s word is quick to the point––he challenges lukewarm believers saying they have no idea the harm they are doing to America. He compares the time of the Revolutionary War, in light of how some had treated General Washington, to present-day lukewarm Christians in the face of the Left’s persistence to take down America.

Mario Murillo compares today's lukewarm Christians to those who treated General Washington during the Revolutionary War


Contrary to the picture most people have of the Revolutionary War, Americans were split right down the middle about whether or not they should be fighting for their freedom from Britain. Many locals would not aid General Washington when he asked for their help, and he had to constantly beg the Continental Congress for money and supplies.

In one instance, some of Washington’s soldiers braved a blizzard and walked for miles to beg a farmer to sell them some of his crops, in order to prevent the army from starving. The farmer refused. He told them the British were willing to pay double what the American soldiers could offer.

I see no difference between those farmers and today’s lukewarm Christians.  I see no difference between today’s compromised preachers and those who would turn away freedom fighters in a snowstorm.

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