The Web Of Lies Has Gone Viral

Wanda Alger shares an analogy pertaining to the level of discernment believers need in order to correctly understand what is happening in the United States. She also talks about the level of deception that is connected like a web of lies, and she believes the Lord showed her a spiritual principle relating to the spirit of Leviathan and more.

spiritual discernment Leviathan web of lies


Without any standard of truth, the blind will lead the blind and no one will have direction. This is exactly what the enemy wants. Worse yet, he wants each of us to think it is a personal battle alone. He does not want us to recognize the corporate take-over he is weaving. Often times, this is the work of Leviathan, a principality that feeds on our fears and twists our thoughts (Isaiah 27:1). As long as he can keep us scattered in our thinking and disconnected in our unity, truth will “stumble in the street” and we will fall short of heaven’s justice and the righteousness of God (verse 14).

As if to drive the point home, I was surprised to find a huge black spider in my bathroom the other day, waiting for me as I stepped out of the shower. The next day, 3 additional spiders greeted me with one dangling from the ceiling right above my head! It was so sudden and unexpected I did a little research. Some assume these creatures come inside when it starts getting cold outside. However, because they live on insects, spiders are drawn inside when we haven’t cleaned out the accumulated dust and dirt in the corners of our house where insects populate. It’s often our own lack of cleaning that draws these predators inside!

I felt the Lord was giving me an illustration of a spiritual principle.

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