Get Ready For The Obvious In October!

Joe Joe Dawson shares a word he received while in prayer just a few days before October. He was asking for wisdom and making decrees over certain areas and people when the Lord spoke to him, giving Dawson some practical answers.


Many try to make walking with God complicated and mysterious. We often try to make hearing from God a long, drawn-out process, but in this season there is an urgency to confidently obey. There is a place you can get to with God where you are walking hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit, and when you pray you will receive obvious answers. Many have been praying for months or even years about certain situations or circumstances.

     In the month of October, solutions and answers to those prayers are going to be obvious. Get ready for the obvious in October! You will be able to move confidently with the Holy Spirit. God will speak to many people this month to do the obvious.

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Source: Get Ready For The Obvious In October! | The Elijah List

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