Praying Order Into Chaos

Wanda Alger, a writer for Intercessors For America (IFA), shares a word of wisdom and insight on how to pray order into chaos taking place in the world around us. She talks about the reason why the enemy loves to stir up confusion and chaos, and what will happen when the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God begin to operate in unity together.

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There is a reason the enemy loves to stir up confusion and chaos on the earth. He is terrified of what will happen when the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God begin to operate in unity to bring order and alignment to creation.

From the very beginning, God’s design was for Adam and Eve to steward creation. From the simple task he gave to Adam of naming all the animals to His charge to the first couple to “be fruitful and multiply,” His intent has always been for us to take ownership and rule over the earth. It is His joy and our purpose (Gen. 1:26-28).

We, as believers, should always remember our original purpose:  to steward creation. This is what we were created for – to walk in close relationship with the Father and enjoy the creative process of stewarding all that He has made. This is why the enemy is bringing so much chaos and disorder – to discourage and distract us from our calling and our destiny. In a day with much chaos and dissension, the Lord would remind us that He has given US the role to be a part of bringing His order.

“For the LORD is God, and He created the heavens and earth and put everything in place. He made the world to be lived in, not to be a place of empty chaos” (Isaiah 45:18, NLT).

As we face chaotic situations, both personally and as a nation, our charge is to pray for ORDER and ALIGNMENT under the Lordship of Christ. Even as God spoke into the void of darkness and brought order, so we are called to pray His Word over the earth to bring light and alignment.

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Source: Praying Order Into Chaos | Intercessors For America

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