Impeachment, John Bolton’s Book, And His Cash Grab Gone Wrong!

The entire impeachment hearing is spinning on the head of this one witness. His salacious tidbits are being daily leaked by the National Security Council (NSC) to the New York Times! (Ironic that Trump critic Lt. Col. Vindman has a twin brother at NSC, in charge of reviewing the Bolton Book that leaked to media.) Can’t make this stuff up.
What’s the deal with Bolton? The Democrats are pulling their hair out because if they delayed a week more, all the Bolton leaks would have come out on the front end instead of the back end of their argument. Mitch plans on closing the door. Fast.
In truth, Dershowitz made the right argument that the President’s use of “quid pro quo” (Latin for: this for that) is not an impeachable offense, especially if dealing with matters of corruption. But, that wasn’t the track the White House legal defense chose. This leaves the Senate Republicans looking like they don’t want to hear Bolton when in fact, the better argument is, his allegations are irrelevant.
Now… what happened to John Bolton? He was a strong, competent conservative warrior with a clear view of America’s place in a dangerous world. When Trump made John Bolton an advisor, we thought him, Mike Pompeo, and the President would make a strong team. An ideal team from a psychological point of view if you are trying to send a warning message to North Korea or Iran. The message? Trump looks like he’s surrounded by hawks. It turned out that John didn’t know how to give advice and leave it with that. Bolton did not see his role as advisory; he saw it as a win/lose competition. If I’m mistaken, I welcome any of my friends in D.C. to tell me otherwise.
From a temperament perspective, Bolton is a challenger, whose belligerence in private meetings put Trump on perpetual defense. The role of advising deteriorated into the role of debating. The meetings ceased to be collaborative and became confrontational. He forgot that his role was to advise and not direct. This will never work with Trump. The inevitable happened – he was asked to leave.
The result? A proud, competent, opinionated advisor became a bitter enemy, a belligerent with a bruised ego. How bruised? Offended enough to be vindictive to the point of exploiting his party’s vulnerability and the nation’s psychic anxiety so that he could profit from a book sale.
Trump’s enemies see the opportunity of a lifetime. They are seizing on this moment to exploit the division and turn Bolton against Trump on a national stage. This would be the Dr. Blaise Ford vs. Kavanaugh moment to pressure vulnerable Trump Senators to flip and, if possible, rid themselves of Trump’s second term.
This won’t go away. The controversy will get more intense as Bolton’s document leaks and leaks. Even after impeachment, this manuscript will be an embarrassment as world leaders read Trump’s private assessments of them. It will be a weapon used to help Democrats defeat him. Bolton evidently, could care less. He gets his money.
Can anyone fault this President with not trusting anyone? Isn’t that what his enemies said needed to change? He needed to open up to experts and not fly alone?
Bolton is a cautionary tale from the swamp. This is what leviathan does to twist thinking, what lust does to get money and pride does to enact revenge.
Sad to say, while this makes Bolton a hero to the swamp he swims in, it also justifies why this video has to go public…

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