It’s Time To ‘Opt-in’ And Put On The Jehu Mantle

Dr. Sandie Freed shares a phrase that her close friend likes to say — “Quitting is NOT an option.” She includes a connection and key insights that the Lord revealed to her about the Jehu Mantle. She also shares that this is the time to ‘opt-in’ and the significance of what it means.

Dr. Sandie Freed prophetic Jehu


Most are familiar with the spirit of Jezebel. She was the evil queen who married King Ahab and is responsible for bringing idolatry into Israel. She had many of God’s prophets murdered, sought to silence and even kill Elijah, and is the one who caused Elijah to fear to the point that he took off running and wanted to quit. In Revelation 2:18-29, Jesus corrects the church of Thyatira for “tolerating” Jezebel. Now, this was not the same Jezebel mentioned in 1 Kings, after all she was dead, but He was addressing the evil spirit that was still active in the Church.

Since we, today, are the Church, Jesus is addressing many of us as well. Are we also tolerating Jezebel? The word “tolerate” actually means “to allow, to accept and to endure.” If we “yield” to a Jezebel spirit, we are allowing it to distort God’s Word, falsely prophesy, promote idolatry, silence God’s prophets and more!

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