Accept Your Invitation From The Lord

Did you know that 90% of Jesus’s works and miracles were done right where I am, in Galilee? From where I’m standing I can see the Mount of Beatitudes, the Sea of Galilee, and Tiberius way over on the horizon. I was thinking about the miracles that happened and the storms that caught the disciples. Jesus saw the disciples struggling across the sea and he went out to them, walking on water. The fascinating thing is what happened next, the disciples cried out thinking he was a ghost!

Once they realized it was Jesus, Peter wanted to walk on the water to go to him and he did walk on the water. Then he started to doubt and he sank. The Lord started speaking to me about how we’re called to walk in a different dimension. The thing that robs us is looking at the wind and the waves of circumstance and letting that circumstance kill our faith. If you see Jesus in the Bible doing anything, it’s an invitation for you to do the same thing!

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