2020: The Year Of Revelation

Gina La Morte shares the definition of the word “revelation” as an act of revealing or communicating divine truth, something that is revealed by God to humans, an act of revealing to view or making known. She also points out that the year 2020 is not just about having clear vision, but that there is a deeper meaning worth seeking out.

Gina La Morte shares that 2020 we should have clear vision, revelation, but also seek out the deeper meaning.


I have an aunt who works for an ophthalmologist. I was recently in her kitchen listening to her describe a patient’s cataract surgery. She explained that cataracts are “a lens that’s falsely put upon the eyes, a veil that needs to be removed, and is formed on the eye because of time and age.” According to the Cataract Association, the cataract is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. It is the most common cause of vision loss and is also the principal cause of blindness in the world. Most cataracts develop when aging or injury changes the tissue that makes up your eye’s lens.

While we were praying for someone that day the Lord said, “I am removing the cataracts off of people’s eyes.” The Lord wants to remove this spiritual veil.

So I ask the question, what has made us spiritually blind? Have injuries, woundedness, unforgiveness, and unholiness eroded our vision? I believe it’s time to turn back to God and allow Him to remove the spiritual cataracts from our eyes. It is time to dive deeper and see what Jesus is really showing us. There is a choice to make to remove this veil off our eyes. It can be removed by letting God go into the deep places of our hearts to heal them.

We can choose to get the spiritual surgery or remain prideful and allow the lens to remain veiled. What we see and what’s revealed is going to make all the difference in our year ahead.

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Source: 2020: The Year Of Revelation | The Elijah List

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