Awakening Will Sweep Through America

Andrew Whalen shares powerful insights he received after a series of profound and encouraging dreams for America. This word is also meant as an encouragement to intercessors, but it also provides targeted keys for the different spheres of culture.


Much of our generation has been asleep, living under the sway of demonic narratives. The goal of such narratives have been to empower lies that hold souls under the captivity and dominion of darkness. More plainly, we have seen the fruit of witchcraft upon a whole generation. Because messaging is produced and proliferated from the top of the mountains of society, darkness has long occupied these high places of power in order to control the message. However, this is all about to change!

God is not willing to let a mass spiritual awakening occur in America only to lose the harvest to the demonic messaging coming from the mountain tops of our society. The awakening that is coming, and even now is upon us, is going to sweep through the high places of cultural and societal influence. God is beginning to trumpet a new sound in such “mountains” as government, media, education and entertainment, that will deconstruct the narratives that have captured a generation through a frequency of lies.

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Source: Awakening Will Sweep Through America | The Elijah List

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