As One Awakening

America has officially entered the fourth crucible.

 I wish more of us caught the prophetic moment at the White House Rose Garden––when Paula White delivered a specific word to the President after fasting and praying. The word was ZIKLAG, and the promise was “pursue, and you will recover all.” We now have a clear word for how we’re going to go forward in the contest with principalities over the Left in the USA and the Communist Party ruling China… (there’s less and less distinction between the two.)

 It looks like the wheels are beginning to come off the Deep State’s chaos chariot as Flynn’s case has finally been exposed for what it always was––a corrupt intelligence operation targeting an innocent man to remove a newly elected President! Meanwhile, the coronavirus is an excuse for power-hungry politicians attempting to alter the playbook on your rights and freedoms. 

But wait, there’s more…

Look at all this from the vantage on May 31st. Passover ended in April, but Pentecost Sunday is happening on May 31st––THE DAY PASTORS IN AMERICA HAVE CHOSEN TO OPEN THEIR CHURCHES even if the enforcers don’t like it. 

It’s a day when God may visit many of us with our own encounter with heaven. Join me and top national reformers for a live broadcast at 6 pm Central Time. 

Go to this site for more information:

Please pray for me and my house as we join you in pressing into the historic shift in America.



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