AOC Tries To Defend Herself From Billboard. Fails.

Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to fight back on twitter in response to a billboard that appeared in Times Square.

What Cortez fails to realize is that people don’t really care who funded the billboard, they care about the facts of the issue and the way that she and others conducted themselves likely cost New York City tens of thousands of jobs, billions in lost earnings and billions in lost economic activity.

When first asked about the deal that she helped torpedo, she stated that it was “incredible”. Listen to her explanation of how that $3bn that NYC was going to be “paying for those jobs,” could be spent on teachers instead.


Now anyone who is not an idiot could tell you…

That’s not how the force works AOC!

Things like facts never get in the way of Alexandria or her faithful’s narrative, however, so of course, it’s all about evil billionaires and dark money, not the thousands of jobs she cost the city of New York.

The Job Creators Network, who paid for the original billboard were quick to respond to AOC’s “wack” billboard comments. They won.

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