An Invitation to Respond to His Call – Will You Come?

Helen Cobanov from Australia shares a vision she had of Jesus extending invitations to His people and the questions He asked. Her word also covers that this is a season of partnering, moving, responding, and what happens based on the response.


Then I saw the word PIONEERING stamped into the ground, and a young baby who was learning to walk, standing before this word. The Lord again stood with an invitation in His hand before this baby and He was calling out, just like a parent does to encourage their baby to take their first steps, “You can do it, come to Me, take My hand.”

The Lord started to speak to me about this and He said, “You are My pioneers and I am inviting you into something NEW! New territory, new levels of authority and influence, new things you have never done before. This will require you to take your first steps again and take hold of My hand. It’s time to lay down the things of the past. The old and familiar ways of doing things won’t work where I am leading you. My pioneers will need to take hold of My hand as we take this new ground. We will do this together, I will give you all that you need. I will lift you to new heights—I just need your ‘YES’!”

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Source: An Invitation to Respond to His Call – Will You Come? | The Elijah List

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