America! Guard Your Heart!

The Lord gave a word over America a few weeks ago to Veronika West in the form of a warning. She covers how one will clash against another, and she includes a specific directive to America both guard her heart and love her enemies.


I hear The Spirit say, “Listen!  For there is a sound of the clashing of horns in the realm of the spirit.

Horn against horn, goat and ram shall stand against one another. 

Watch!  For the one shall be made great and conquer the other!”

America, the spirit says, “Yes, the day of darkness is increasing, but watch, for greater shall be the day of light as My Glory rises upon your land.

Guard your heart America, for I call you this day to love your enemies, for love is greater than hate, vengeance is mine!”

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Source: America! Guard Your Heart! | Veronika West

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