Activists are dismantling American culture

The truth is that activists are dismantling American culture – and they know what they are doing. It starts by identifying which progressive Marxist issue is most marketable to the public under the guise of compassion. LGBT activists have 4 letters to work with. Once the issue, like Transgender rights, is marketed under the guise of tolerance, compassion, or equality, the lawyers and non-profit activists go to work to target bakers, florists, schools, corporations, photographers, beauty shops, you name it.

You think you are voting for compassion? Do you believe this is all about peoples right to simply live the way they want? Think so? That’s the genius of these people.

They get you to vote away your freedoms.

Every time you back up you are empowering other people to dictate to you how you will live your life.

Christians are actually voting to empower activists to dismantle the culture of western civilization.

To really understand the drivenness of the Left you need to see it as a religious movement. It is a spiritual quest for utopia, a counterfeit of the kingdom of God and it is driven by the powers of darkness that must take America in order to advance anarchy in the world.

But we are the true resistance force and we are succeeding because of truth-tellers like this writer.

Source: BreakPoint: A Long Way from ‘Bake My Cake’ | Breakpoint

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