A Year of Transition – What is God Doing in 2019?

Shawn Bolz shares an encouraging word for 2019. He talks about transition and what that means. This includes how it will create transformation and changes in areas such as media, leadership, business, as well as in the arts and entertainment world with changes of directors, top actors, and actresses.



There are seeds of purpose in mature Christians that have been growing into maturity. 2019 is a year of positioning, empowering, and setting into place.

Picture how fast a building goes up after the foundation is laid; it feels like such a short time. For Christians, 2019 is a year that will set whole church movements and denominations into a transition mode that will be followed by 3 years of massive change in the landscape of Christianity.

Imagine that the God, who has authored decades of promises and prophecies, is now coming to set up individuals and movements to finish everything needed to place us into the fulfillment of those promises, so that we can walk into the greater aspects of what He has destined us for. Some of you reading this might find yourselves changing position or jobs, moving, changing your relational circles, and more. God is also bringing change for you that will bring you into the place where you can do exactly what God made you for. For us, change always comes with the promises of Romans 8:28. God will use everything that happens, especially change, to bring us into the best scenarios of His intention toward us and our lives.

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