A Word for Canada: ‘Crank Up the Oil Rigs!

Nellie O’Hara from Ottawa, Canada, shares a word she heard the Lord speaking to her specifically over the nation of Canada. She shares that she saw a people rising who’ve had enough, and how the Lord spoke an encouraging word for Canada while driving.


“The oil will flow in government. The oil will flow in education. The oil will flow in media. The oil will flow in ministry. The oil will flow in every area. The oil will flow into the cranks as the oil rigs are being cranked up.

There will be a seven-fold return on what has been stolen. I will redeem,” says the Lord, “I will redeem the days. I will redeem the destruction. I will redeem the time. I will redeem the hurt and the agony.

“The days of great healing are coming upon this nation. Liberty and plumb lines of righteousness and the true freedom that comes with these are hovering as their holding pattern is being readied to land. Just as My hand swept across the United States, My hand will sweep across this nation.”

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Source: A Word for Canada: ‘Crank Up the Oil Rigs! | The Elijah List

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