A Vision Of The Media Mountain

Helen Cobanov shares a sobering vision she had of the Media Mountain and what the Lord spoke. She shares that she believes this word and vision speaks as a warning to some people in media and also offers keys to us, including how to pray.


The Lord spoke to me about this saying, “I will bring them to their knees! They will eat their words, for I am exposing the wickedness and schemes of the enemy in the Media Mountain!” He started to highlight how, over the past days, weeks and months, it’s becoming more and more apparent how the enemy is increasingly at work within the media. Their reporting and privileged position is being abused by many people, intentionally causing division, drama, fear, pain, lies, anger and rage among people.

We have been seeing and hearing increased activity in manipulation of the truth, misleading and false reporting, backlash and retaliation, causing people to turn against their government and leaders, then turning people against one another – all in the name of publicity, ratings and performance.

The media moguls are seeking the attention, response and reaction of the people no matter what the cost! Naively or intentionally, many reporters, journalists and others are buying into this or being bullied by increasing pressure to perform and deliver.

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Source: A Vision Of The Media Mountain | The Elijah List

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