A Trump Victory Is Not Guaranteed

Mario Murillo shares his thoughts regarding President Trump’s victory in November. He shares how he took a lot of heat for going against the trend of voices in 2018 who claimed easy victories for a “Red Wave” and points out how the overconfidence he saw then is a factor now.

Mario Murillo shares his thoughts regarding President Trump's victory in November.


I took a lot of heat back then for going against the grain. But it was not hard to see the overconfidence. Back in 2018, we forgot several important factors and, apparently, we are forgetting those factors once again. Pastors are still not saying nearly enough from the pulpit. The church is too divided to properly rally for this election.

Factor number one: Bible illiteracy. American Christians simply do not know the Word of God. It has been absent from the pulpits of our most popular churches. We are paying a steep price for betraying the Holy Spirit in favor of human marketing. Prominent voices have been telling young preachers to avoid teaching the Biblical truths of one-man-one-woman marriage and the sanctity of human life.

You would be stunned if you knew how many Christians see nothing wrong with abortion, same sex marriage, or socialism. Many Christians have believed the lie that Jesus was a socialist!

This is why millions of people—who claimed to be Christians—voted for Democrats in the midterm elections. In some urban centers as many as 90% of so-called Christians voted for a Democrat, even though the platform of the Democrat Party embraces atheism and abortion.

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