A Time to Reposition, Realign and Refocus

Jennifer Miskov brings a word for 2019 that it will be a year marked by repositioning, realignment, and refocusing. She also believes that 2019 will be a foundational year for many where He will let our roots go down deep, and for the restructuring and deepening of our foundation.


God is calling us to let go of even the good things that are no longer ours to carry into the new year. What we were called to carry in one season may not be what we are called to carry into the next one. He is inviting us to lay everything before Him: even some commitments, relationships and plans, and welcome in the fire of God. Whatever remains will be refined like gold and emerge to the surface, while whatever is burned away is not meant for us to continue to carry.

Many times the good is the enemy of the best. Sometimes we have to lay down the silver to embrace the gold. Metaphorically speaking, silver is not necessarily bad, but if it fills up our lives so there’s no room for the gold, we may be missing out on entering wholeheartedly into our assignments in this season. We need to be led of the Spirit and respond to God’s mission upon our lives rather than be led by need or even open doors. Open doors are great but we can only go through one open door at a time, and not all open doors are God’s invitations or assignments for our lives. This is why it’s so important to fix our eyes on Jesus and remain close to Him so we will know which way to go.

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Source: A Time to Reposition, Realign and Refocus | The Elijah List

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