A Time of Earthquakes and Eruptions: Prophet Charlie Shamp

Charlie Shamp: He was given a word regarding two “E’s” at the beginning of this year, “earthquakes and eruptions”. Just recently on the Big Island of Kona, Hawaii they have had both occur. In addition to the eruption of Kilauea and earthquakes, fissures have opened up in the island where lava is spurting up, creating havoc in the Leilani Estates.

Excerpt from Charlie Shamp:

The ground has felt unsettling to me. As I have been waiting on the Lord, nations flashed before me.

I heard the Lord say, “There will be sizable shakings of the ground in 2018. Natural earthquakes will greatly increase this year across the nations, but so too will My glory.”

I could see and feel major shakings coming in the earth physically on a much greater level than we have seen in the past. I could see great shakings that moved the ground in the natural. It was a massive force that caused the soil to be moved. I could hear people saying, “Why has this happened? Why has this earthquake come so that the soil of our country has been shaken?” I looked to the mountains and they were quaking and all the hills moved back and forth. I looked again and I saw other nations and they were shaking with Revival, Renewal, Resurrection and Restoration.

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Source: A Time of Earthquakes and Eruptions: Prophet Charlie Shamp

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