A New Sound Coming – From The Underground

Rene Springer shares how both she and her husband have prophesied many times about a “new sound coming from the underground.” She also talks about how she has discovered, is that this sound is much different than she once thought, and is so much more than it being a musical sound.


At a recent regional worship gathering, we were honored to be joined by Christian brothers of the Ho-Chunk Nation. There was a holy unity and powerful spirit of intercession released. With profound emotion and spiritual significance, John Whitecloud shared about the power of the drum, the sound it releases, and how it is connected to the human heartbeat. He and Sheridan Cloud then presented a beautiful Native American song.

It is significant in this time, when the lives of the unborn are under attack, that God is bringing to the forefront of our worship the sound of the heartbeat – the sound of life. May the hearts of drummers be gripped with the revelation that as they drum, it prophesies LIFE and the very heartbeat of Heaven over our nation!

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