A New Mandate to Be Bold and Courageous!

From Cameron King is an encouraging and challenging word. He challenges those who might question whether they should take a risk, feeling like they might not have what it takes, and dealing with fear in general. He shares how the Lord spoke to him about calling many into emerging markets.


This challenge to have faith outside the four walls of the Church will cause us to face new fears that we’ve never had to face before. God is calling us to be bold and fearless. The challenge, the magnitude, the risk, the initial discomfort and the change will be so great that those considered fearless will say, “Do I have what it takes to do this?” This is not fear of the demonic or of physical harm, but this is the fear of failure. This is the fear of loss due to great risk. This isn’t the fear that God will not come through, but fear that His equipping in us is not complete in spite of the fact that the Holy Spirit is saying, “I’ve prepared you for such a time as this.”

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Source: A New Mandate to Be Bold and Courageous! | The Elijah List

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