A New Kind Of Leader

Mario Murillo shares how the next kind of leader will appear soon and not fit any mold we are used to seeing. He describes them as catalysts who will usher in the next great awakening. Some will be in pulpits, but most will be elsewhere: Politics, business, science, law, entertainment, and more.


The gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit always come through relationship. Sorry, but Christianity has always been, and always will be, family owned and operated. So then how can we know our assignment?

Your assignment in the Army of God is your individual expression and extension of Christ’s destruction of the works of the devil. You are a destroyer of the works of the devil. God will give you a way to do it that is unique to you.

Until that gets through to you—until you admit and agree to those terms—God will remain silent about your assignment.

Because the situation today in America is an impossible one, only one kind of person will make a difference now. They must be armed with divine certainty. They must own an unshakable, bone-deep conviction that they have been chosen for this task.

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