A New Day of Destiny!

Candice Simmons shares a word of wisdom she’s received as she’s been in prayer this month. She shares how she kept hearing the Lord referring to the way in which we need to keep focusing our gaze, how we observe things, and the place that we intercede from, in order to be more strategic. She also shares how He’s sharpening your vision, focus, and strategy.


I had a dream in which I saw people carrying huge, heavy backpacks. They were looking through binoculars, trying to see down the road ahead of them, and many were having a hard time moving forward and in the right direction. Their vision had become clouded and foggy until suddenly I heard a voice say, “Look up here!” Some would not lift there eyes, for they were consumed with what they saw with their natural eyes around them and were focused on carrying their burdens. But those who looked up saw the atmosphere change before them.

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Source: A New Day of Destiny! | The Elijah List

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