A Heart Like Mary’s – Saying Yes to His Call

Here’s a great Christmas reminder of how Mary, the mother of Jesus, responded to God’s call. Michelle Passey’s word brings encouragement and also an important point that no matter all that Mary went through, she pondered and treasured all that had been spoken to her, and despite what it cost her.


There are times when we will have to face challenges that no one else, not even our spouse, our parents, or our closest friends will be able to help us with. Of course they will be able to pray for us, encouraging us along the way, but there comes a point when we realize we are going to have to get through this one with only the aid of the Holy Spirit. These times can feel extremely lonely and we can be overcome by the intensity of the task we must face. We can find ourselves questioning if we heard the Lord correctly, hearing the voice of double mindedness, as it is trying to bring confusion and despair.

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Source: A Heart Like Mary’s – Saying Yes to His Call | The Elijah List

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