A Dream Revealing Major Governmental Shifts Ahead

Nathan Shaw of New Zealand shares a dream he had where he saw three cars and how it relates to government. From the dream he shares there will be an increase in kingdom authority, there will be three spiritual governments, and that in 2020, it will be a year of major governmental shifts.


In the second scene of my dream, the vehicle was now a roofless, white sports car. It resembled a car used to transport “government officials” and carried an aura of authority. On the front of the car was a white flag with a gold image of the “Lion of the tribe of Judah” (Revelation 5:5). This time, I was in the back seat along with my co-pastor and my mum. There was no driver except the flag. The car traveled very steadily down the road, pulling into churches or wherever else the car took us.

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Source: A Dream Revealing Major Governmental Shifts Ahead | The Elijah List

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