8 Keys To Sphere Preeminence


When I turned 50 my wife and I moved our family 1500 miles away from everyone we knew and started a whole new life teaching a wild new idea about Seven Mountains. Starting from scratch, I discovered how to build an audience and reach the world using simple digital strategies like I show you here.

It was 7 years ago an old-timer sat me down and taught me what I needed to know. I learned so much I ended up coaching my friends in ministry on how to finance their vision – using the simple tools I am sharing openly with you right here! This is access to what cost me $50K to find out the hard way in the wild west of digital marketing.

Don’t miss this Flash Sale Business Boot Camp because it’s your treasure guide into new expanded territory – richer in promise than the California gold rush! In fact, the internet is a lot like the California Gold Rush. Your idea or “gold mine” is found in heaven – it’s God releasing ideas into your “gold mind.” Your dream is connected to a strategy and your strategy starts RIGHT HERE: Lancewallnau.com/8Keys

Get ready ’cause this year is going to be YOUR YEAR of double door access to the land of prophetic promise!

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