5 Bald-Faced Lies Joe Biden Told In the First Debate (Op-ed)

Joe Biden Lies

The first presidential debate of the 2020 election felt more like a boxing match as President Trump and Joe Biden spoke over each other while moderator Chris Wallace’s objectivity was questionable to say the least.

While there is plenty to discuss about this historic and chaotic debate, it is important to point out the barrage of lies that came out of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Lie #1: Trump on Pre-existing conditions

Almost as soon as the debate started, Joe Biden alleged that President Trump wanted to do away with pre-existing conditions when the truth is that he and republican legislators have stated for years that it would always be part of any program to replace Obamacare.

Lie #2: Biden’s Ukraine quid pro quo

Despite being on tape telling then-president Petro Poroshenko to fire the prosecutor “or you’re not gettin’ the billion dollars,” Joe Biden denied President Trump’s assertion that he “threatened Ukraine with a billion dollars” saying, “That is absolutely not true.”


Lie #3: Misquoting Trump on Charlottesville

Joe Biden repeated one of the corrupt mainstream media’s favorite lies about the president- that he complimented white supremacists who attended the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. Biden quoted Trump as saying, “There were very fine people on both sides.”

The truth is that the president immediately followed that up by adding, “And I’m not talking about the neo-nazis and the white supremacists, they should be condemned totally.”

Lie #4: Trump said “inject” bleach

Another media lie that the former vice president repeated last night was the claim that President Trump encouraged Americans to “inject bleach” to fight COVID-19. What president Trump actually said is much more innocent as he thought-out-loud about exploring new technologies like UV treatment that could do “something like” disinfectant.

Lie #5: The Atlantic’s “suckers & losers” smear

One of the mainstream media’s most recent smears against the president is the completely unfounded claim, based on “anonymous” sources, that he used the words “suckers & losers” when referring to dead soldiers in France. That disgusting attack has been thoroughly debunked by more than 25 administration officials.

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Matthew Howerton is a writer, political consultant, campaign manager, and former congressional staffer based out of Louisiana. Matt was born in Houston, Texas where he was active in promoting christian-conservative policies and candidates for public office. Having served on eight campaigns and as a staffer for the 115th Congress, Matt has a wealth of political knowledge and experience. His electoral assists include a newly-elected U.S. Senator, Governor, U.S. Congressman, State Representative, and City Councilman. Matt continues to fight for common-sense solutions for Texas, Louisiana and the United States.

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  1. Lizabeth Wiinamaki

    Biden lied disgracefully and was easily fact-checked. The problem is fake Christians who will continue to vote Dem regardless of facts or values. They are seriously part of the 5 foolish virgins group who will spend eternity in hell with Luciferians and their real father Satan/Lucifer/the Destroyer/Lord of the Flies.

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