Power Of Prayer And The Trump-Kim Summit

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING…and even though the summit is over with for now, know that your prayers made an impact.


The following is an email I received from a believer in the government involved behind the scenes.


For those praying for NK and the meeting, I wanted to highlight that, as one would expect, there’s been RESISTANCE to new commitments from their side. God can work with whatever we get, but as we try to negotiate a final joint statement I’m praying for their side to make a bold move. I am confident the President is ready to do so.

Specific scriptures the Holy Spirit has impressed upon me are Isaiah 62, Micah 4, Micah 2:13, and Isaiah 61. I’ve been declaring these regularly throughout the preparations.

If you feel led to pray for us and for the meetings tomorrow, please declare wisdom and bind CONFUSION and FEAR. Also, their side has a very strong fear-based system/structure and VICTIM complex.

So releasing LOVE and and the GODS ORIGINAL PLAN for their country and people has felt very important.

I have felt the presence of the Lord very strongly the last few days and it intensified today—I know this is the prayers of thousands (more?) who are watching and praying over this key time.

Thank you.

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