2019: The Year to Soar with a Roar

Torrey Marcel Harper shares a word he heard from the Lord for the year 2019. He shares how the Lord spoke on this being a year to soar like eagles, roar like lions, and that this is the year to create and think outside of the box.


God says, “I’m roaring over families. I’m roaring over ministries and businesses. I’m roaring over cities and nations. As My eagles fly, I’m releasing My lions and eagles like a mighty army. As you soar with a roar in 2019, I’m breaking bareness, cycles and barriers in your life, for your family and those connected to you. Get ready! I’m coming to amplify your voice with a roar,” says the Lord.

“This is a year where every restraint is being broken off and I’m releasing you into a new day of supernatural advancement and acceleration.” God says, “In this year, I’m placing new armor upon you. The armor of the last season is being stripped off. This new armor represents the weaponry of My Word, My anointing and power in your life. I’m inviting you to wear and operate with a new vision, innovative ideas, greater depth and clarity in every area of ministry, business, even in your career and calling. It’s time for a paradigm shift as you soar into new places with the roar of My Spirit,” says the Lord!

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Source: 2019: The Year to Soar with a Roar | The Elijah List

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